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Note to mail server administrators

The mail server for the achurch.org domain appears to be incorrectly listed in some DNS-based blacklists. The server operates on a static IP address (as noted by the "fx", short for "fixed", in the PTR record), does not act as an open relay, and has not been used to send spam, but some blacklist operators have in particular incorrectly treated the IP address as a "dialup" or "dynamic" IP address. (Unfortunately, I am unable to set a proper PTR record due to upstream provider policies.)

To rectify the above, please add the IP address to your mail server's whitelist.

Please also be aware that I am blocking domains which use such DNSBLs or local blacklists that reject mail from achurch.org. If your domain is blocked but you have corrected your server's settings, please inform me (at dnsbl@achurch.org, which is excluded from this blocking policy) when you have taken corrective action so that the block can be removed.

Thank you.

If you tried to send mail to achurch.org and got an error message directing you here:

Some mail providers incorrectly mark mail from the achurch.org domain as spam and prevent it from being delivered. When I find a provider which does this, I block mail from that provider as well, so that users of the provider will know that I cannot respond to them. (See the last bullet point on my notes for sending mail for details, including a list of currently blocked domains.)

If you tried to send mail to achurch.org and got an error message directing you to this page, then unfortunately I am unable to respond to you because of your mail provider's spam-blocking policies. I apologize for the inconvenience, but please send mail from a different provider.

Andrew Church - achurch@achurch.org
Last modified: 2014/5/24