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Services 5 have module support. Those who think they need a proxy checker in
services can code one, those who don't need it, just leave it out. That's
what open source is for.
End of thread ?


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LMAO... ok ill drop it. But ill also add one last thing.

As an admin WHY should i have to have 30 things to accomplish something if
one thing can do it.
WHy should i have to connect 3 servers for 1 server of chat to occur.  i
mean hey 1 server for services 1 server for Proxy checking/other stuff yall
are telling me you dont want to add and 1 server for the daemon.  Simply put
if i can get the functionality in 1 product why not go for it. IRC Services
is AWESOME, andy you have a great set of services and i am sure the next few
versions will be just as great.  We all know you have a set path for it, and
you dont really want to veer off that path and i respect that =) im just
trying to make suggestions along the way, that imho you set this Discussion
forum up for. Suggestions on what Real Admins want.  i have 2 Network
admins, and myself.  We all want proxy checking one of my admins loves the
idea of botserv where i dont like it. The other one loves the idea of having
the online thing where users can check their memos, IE a more user friendly
way of doing things for java users.  I make the suggestions to yall because
its what is wanted. Now its up to andy what he wishes to do with them, Yes i
know its good to have feedback, but there is an extent, I mean im new here
just trying to help out and get a feature i have wanted for a long time so i
make a suggestion and get reemed here... I gotta say yall are kinda blind to
what some ppl want. Just because 5 people dont wish to have a feature in
services dosent mean 500 other admins arnt looking for services that has
this feature.
I dont believe i can support another process on my shell, so if someone
would like to help me code a module i would be verry happy =)

Now ill end it where i found it i wont mention proxy checking agian, unless
someone else responds to this thread and yells about it agian... Shesh..


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> >Please do stop this thread. It is of no use. It only raises
> >the amount of emails to download and nothing more.
> I prefer reading some mail from this mailing list instead of nothing. Also
> if you have a lot of mails and don't have time to read and reply to all.
> >Services will not do proxy checking. Services is a set of IRC Services
> not connection monitor.
> Agree
> > There are other software which are designed for that purpose. Do use
> Use bots. Use mIRCScript with SOCKEVENTs. Use your illusion.
> Other softwares are OK, but bots?! mIRCScript, LOL.... mIRC for linux in
> mode :))))
> >It is completely unimportant that you suffer from a dilemma,
> >or the admin of your secondary server is unable to run BOPM.
> If I have a problem, it's unimportant? For you is okey but me :))))))
> >That problem is network specific, and it is not a task services should
> handle either.
> Agree.
> >Why and how about a proxy checker are also off topic discussions about
> services.
> Are you a moderator? What's then if something is off topic? Somebody can
> start the topic again if you doesn't deny it.
> >Please try to keep egocentrism out of this mailing list.
> Yes, Sir!
> >End of thread.
> Sorry but I didn't like your speak.
> AngryWolf
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