[IRCServices Coding] Dynamic Modules on OpenBSD

Chris Plant chris at monkeyircd.org
Tue May 7 09:24:13 PDT 2002

DL_LAZY is only needed for future compatibility, as stated in the
OpenBSD 3.0 man page.
man dlopen reports:
"The path argument can either be an absolute pathname or it can be of
the form ``lib<name>.so[.xx[.yy]]'' in which case the same library
search rules apply that are used for ``intrinsic'' shared library
searches.  The second argument currently has no effect, but should be
set to DL_LAZY for future compatibility."

On Tue, 2002-05-07 at 22:07, Andrew Church wrote:
>      DL_LAZY shouldn't be needed, and in fact goes contrary to what I want
> (which is to resolve all symbols on load and fail if some are missing).
> Did you read the manual page correctly?  As far as the underscores, I'll
> see about putting in a check for those in the configure script.
>   --Andrew Church
>     achurch at achurch.org
>     http://achurch.org/
> >
> >Hello Peeps
> >
> >On OpenBSD the flags to dlopen should be DL_LAZY, which is for future
> >compatibility (according to its manpage), also, it needs an underscore
> >prefixed onto any symbol you try and get from the modules (i believe
> >this is due to the a.out binary format, and it isn't handled in BSD's
> >dl* routines).
> >I just tried a compile on OpenBSD 3.0, and ircservices doesn't handle
> >either of these quirks, it should be a relatively simple
> >makefile/configure change to get ircservices to account for them.
> >
> >Chris
> >
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