[IRCServices Coding] (no subject)

Romek Krisztian r-krisztian at softhome.net
Sun May 12 22:57:57 PDT 2002


> ok, I was wondering, if there was a way to make it so chanserv operserv 
> nickserv and memoserv were seperate services, such as the IrCore 
> Services, used on OtherNet (Such as CS, NS, UW, CS and NS)....

IRCServices 5.0 has modules support.

> also, in the future, we are hoping that you will include a BotServ in 
> the package, as our users have been asking for this service.

This is already off topic.

More info: 

> and, finally, one more thing.... when Service Operators or service 
> Admins Op them selve's in a USER channel ChanServ Automatically de-op's 
> them, I dont htink it should if they are /oper on the server.. I think 
> it should detect that and leave them.. this is even with the option 
> secureops enabled OR Disabled... and it takes admins too long to change 
> the options then finally op.... is there anyway around this or anything 
> that can be done to resolve this problem?...

This problem has already been solved. Try the newest version!

More info:

Krisztian Romek