[IRCServices Coding] Some IMHO usefull features

Craig McLure frostycoolslug at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 21 21:40:09 PDT 2002

>From: "Ekim Engin" <ekim.engin at stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
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>To: <ircservices-coding at ircservices.za.net>
>Subject: RE: [IRCServices Coding] Some IMHO usefull features
>Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 04:53:03 +0200
> > 1, Personally, I dont see the point in this. If you ban an
> > email block, they
> > will just find another 1. for example, you cant ban
> > *.hotmail.com on a
> > network, so the "stupid kiddies" will just use something like
> > that. Just
> > insert a largish reg delay, it would mean they would have to
> > change their
> > IP, or wait for something like 60mins before being able to
> > register again.
> >
>Huge proxy atacks, or even more DDOS atacks registering 1 nick per hour
>with 500 hosts is quite disturbing. Services is sending out many mails
>(to adresses that do not exist) and we get the bounces. I implemented
>this feature on an earlier version of ircservices with the result, that
>the complete "registration atack" stopped. I reopend the ban 2 days
>after, and the atack continued on same speed. Ist is based on a one time
>initialisation, spreadign out through a common used but backdoored
>script. Once started it does the registering crap all the time. Akilling
>(or glineing) just results in the user getting banned. After he/she
>comes back, the script continues registering. The only thing common to
>this atacks is it uses alwas the same mail adresses. So I thought this
>as quite usefull, it's just a suggestion after all.
> > 2) Once again, i dont see a point for this feature. It would
> > make channels
> > prone to opwars, and takeovers. although the SUSPEND command
> > does do what
> > you ask, but i am unsure if it supports wildcards.
>Suspend does prevent registering AND using of the channel, while my
>feature suggestion just prevents registering. We came up with this
>feature afer every single channel gets registerd with #ttnet_channelname
>(the network is called TTNet). As it is our Network policy that channels
>starting with #ttnet may just be registerd by our network stuff, it is
>quite annoying to stop/drop/suspend these channels all the time, while
>with this feature does allow us to prevent this from scratch.
> >
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Once again, i see no way of preventing 1. If the feature is added to 
services, a script like the following will be created:

alias spam {
set %nick $rand(0,999999)
set %email $rand(0,9999999)
set %pass $rand(0,9999999)
/nick $rand(a,z) $+ $rand(a,z) $+ $rand(A,Z) $+ $rand(a,z) $+ %nick
/ns register %pass %email $+ @hotmail.com
goto loop

Its not likley that you can ban hotmail, as in excess 20% of any IRC 
Networks users usually have a hotmail accounts :P

although i agree with Suggestion 2.

Craig McLure
Craig at chatspike.net
Network Administrator of the ChatSpike IRC Network.
ChatSpike, the users network! www.chatspike.net

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