[IRCServices Coding] This was supposed to be fixed.

Martin martin at e-tech.us
Sun Jan 5 13:19:14 PST 2003

Yes, I still get this myself on occasion. /operserv restart and
everything's fine for a bit, but it eventually starts again.

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    I thought you said the ...
"(-04:49-) (-notice:ChanServ-) Sorry, the CLEAR command is temporarily
    Was fixed in the last release of IRCServices?  We're still having
this problem, running 5.0.6.  We only get this error message on certain
commands, OP/DEOP/CLEAR/KICK.  They work in some channels, in others
they don't.  I can assure you, all of our servers are configured
    Also an update on the stylez trojan "clone" flooder, he hasn't
attacked our network in a while yet, so I've gotten IRCServices
recompiled and ready to restart in debug mode, just waiting for them to
crash on their own for the restart.  But please look into this matter
about these unavailable commands, our network would very much appreciate
it. :)

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