[IRCServices Coding] Backup Idea...?

Ballsy ballsy at mystical.net
Mon Jan 6 14:11:55 PST 2003

	It seems to me the question with respect to 
auto-backups via Services has come up on this list before, and I think the 
general concensus was that it should be done by the services 
administrator via small scripts in cron, etc.
	As for your idea about the auto-FTP'ing stuff, I used to do 
something very similar.  Without giving away all the fun, it went 
something like this...

1) create a file (chmod 600) containing all the FTP commands you'd like to 
issue....for example, assuming you're connecting to the services shell 
from some other unix machine....

user usernamehere passwordhere
cd servicesdir/data/
mget *.db

2) now, you just issue the following, which pipes the commands above into 
the interactive FTP command....
  `cat filefromabove | ftp -in services.hostname.com`

3) you can now tar/gzip the newly downloaded .dbs

	Naturally, you could have done this the opposite way, where you 
ftp TO a remote host FROM the services shell itself.  Take your pick.
	If available, it would obviously be more secure to use the `scp` 
command from the SSH package to do secure transfers.  These are even 
easier to automate, as you can avoid passwords by employing authorized 
keys, etc.


Quoth Saturn on Jan 6 at 13:59,

> An Idea... any chance of some sort of built in log/database backup
> function -- something that makes a daily automatic backup copy of the
> databases and that day's log (dated), and stuffs it into a designated
> location (like some other backup dir) or even better, can auto-FTP send it
> to another machine?  I know this is something above and beyond the call of
> duty for Services, but it would sure make catastrophic failures of the
> primary machine more bearable...
> Just a thought... meanwhile, anyone know of a linux utility that can be bent
> into an automatic FTP send of files to a remote FTP server?  Maybe via a
> script?  Thanks
> Saturn
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