[IRCServices Coding] Backup Idea...?

Aragon Gouveia aragon at phat.za.net
Tue Jan 7 00:16:54 PST 2003

This kind of thing is best left upto shell scripts.  I'd highly recommend
using rsync over FTP for two reasons:

1.  It's secure.  All file transfers are performed over ssh by default.

2.  It uses a differential algorithm so as to only transfer the incremental
differences between files across the network, hence saving *alot* of
bandwidth and making the backup procedure very quick.


| By Saturn <saturn at jetirc.net>
|                                          [ 2003-01-07 00:00 +0200 ]
> An Idea... any chance of some sort of built in log/database backup
> function -- something that makes a daily automatic backup copy of the
> databases and that day's log (dated), and stuffs it into a designated
> location (like some other backup dir) or even better, can auto-FTP send it
> to another machine?  I know this is something above and beyond the call of
> duty for Services, but it would sure make catastrophic failures of the
> primary machine more bearable...
> Just a thought... meanwhile, anyone know of a linux utility that can be bent
> into an automatic FTP send of files to a remote FTP server?  Maybe via a
> script?  Thanks
> Saturn