[IRCServices Coding] ircservices 5.0.6 ImmediatelySendSline refinement for Unreal

Aragon Gouveia aragon at phat.za.net
Thu Jan 16 12:12:55 PST 2003


5.0.6's inclusion of GZLINE management is really funky.  As you know, in the
case of Unreal, ImmediatelySendSline is a must.  However, it follows the same
behaviour as GLINEs.  That being, if ircds and ircservices are restarted,
ircservices does not implicitly re-add any GZLINEs upon starting.  This is
fine for GLINEs, but will not work correctly for GZLINEs on Unreal.

Would it be possible to change the behaviour of ImmediatelySendSline for
Unreal so that it checks and re-adds any GZLINEs that are not present when it
ircservices starts?