[IRCServices Coding] Additional Removal Methods

Ganja51 Ganja51 at lcirc.net
Fri Jan 31 22:00:26 PST 2003

I just recently had a bot flood and there's a few functions which I think
may have helped tremendously in the removal of the bots. First off an akill
which can akill the realname AND support wildcards. Example:
... fritz is lilah at lcirc-590F41A.hkcable.com.hk (here)
... fritz is «]Z[-22091» on Edge.lcirc.net (2 hops)
... marzec is vxvmn797 at 15B84C5E.8EBB203E.3260E6B0.IP (here)
... marzec is «]Z[-46173» on Edge.lcirc.net (2 hops)
Those were 2 bots. An akill of the realname of ]Z[-* would have removed all
of those ones. UnrealIRCd supports this sort of ban, but it'd have to be
added to each server which is a hassle in a flood situation.

The other type is if the ident matches the realname. Example:
... Flinch01 is ~TooL at lcirc-206714C5.bbd16tcl.dsl.pol.co.uk (here)
... Flinch01 is «TooL» on Gimcrack.lcirc.net (0 hops)
... Aitziver is ~00537 at 22BD02E.2482453B.4F4CDF9A.IP (here)
... Aitziver is «00537» on Gimcrack.lcirc.net (0 hops)
This one is probably less likely seeing as how services would have to run
that check. But lots of bots are poorly coded in the respect that they use
the same random word/number generated for both the ident and realname.

Just a few suggestions which I think would help out a ton. Thanks for your