[IRCServices Coding] Additional Removal Methods

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Sat Feb 1 19:18:53 PST 2003

     Try SGLINE with SQlineKill (modules.conf).

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org

>I just recently had a bot flood and there's a few functions which I think
>may have helped tremendously in the removal of the bots. First off an aki
>which can akill the realname AND support wildcards. Example:
>... fritz is lilah at lcirc-590F41A.hkcable.com.hk (here)
>... fritz is Ž«]Z[-22091Ž» on Edge.lcirc.net (2 hops)
>... marzec is vxvmn797 at 15B84C5E.8EBB203E.3260E6B0.IP (here)
>... marzec is Ž«]Z[-46173Ž» on Edge.lcirc.net (2 hops)
>Those were 2 bots. An akill of the realname of ]Z[-* would have removed a
>of those ones. UnrealIRCd supports this sort of ban, but it'd have to be
>added to each server which is a hassle in a flood situation.
>The other type is if the ident matches the realname. Example:
>... Flinch01 is ~TooL at lcirc-206714C5.bbd16tcl.dsl.pol.co.uk (here)
>... Flinch01 is Ž«TooLŽ» on Gimcrack.lcirc.net (0 hops)
>... Aitziver is ~00537 at 22BD02E.2482453B.4F4CDF9A.IP (here)
>... Aitziver is Ž«00537Ž» on Gimcrack.lcirc.net (0 hops)
>This one is probably less likely seeing as how services would have to run
>that check. But lots of bots are poorly coded in the respect that they us
>the same random word/number generated for both the ident and realname.
>Just a few suggestions which I think would help out a ton. Thanks for you
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