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Craig McLure Craig at chatspike.net
Thu Mar 13 13:06:47 PST 2003

Russell has been subject to a large number of botfloods recently and has scripts to add akills when bots connect, last time i spoke to him he said that the services databases mess up after a certain ammount, but performance wise, its fine.

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<`RaSh> how do i install linux i got the cd and i dont see the setup.exe or install.exe

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>Out of interest, how does Services perform with this many akills? And, if
>you don't mind me asking, how did you accumulate so many? In my experience
>offenders almost certainly give up after a month or so, and so setting
>unlimited-timed akills is usually a pointless exercise. But it's just me
>being nosy :).
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>> We have about 19,000 autokills on the akill list. When trying to
>> view them on the web it seems services only shows about 17,200
>> before it stops loading the page. I have tried to view it in both
>> Opera and IE, both have the same problem.
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