[IRCServices Coding] session limit bug

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Mon Mar 24 15:01:00 PST 2003

>Thanks, I'll have our custom services coded to kill a different way. :)
>Just out of curiousity, why does the RAW command screw with the servers to

     Well, there are two answers to the question "why is the RAW command
bad?", which is what I think you mean.  One is that some IRC servers are
*ahem* less than robust with respect to bad input, and if you send a badly
formed message with the RAW command, you could end up crashing your uplink
server, or even the entire network.

     The other answer relates to Services itself; Services does not process
the RAW command because there are times (such as when testing a new IRC
protocol feature) when it would be inappropriate for Services to process
the message itself, and the RAW command is intended for use in those cases.

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org