[IRCServices Coding] session limit bug

Dylan v.d Merwe dylanvdm at icon.co.za
Mon Mar 24 11:40:23 PST 2003

Please don't diss people's work (aka the Unreal comment). It's not called
for and a lot of hard work has gone into it. Sorry to fill up peoples'


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> It was 06:14 PM 3/24/2003 +0000 when Craig Edwards came up
> with:
> >Is there a way to keep services in sync if its desynced, by
> >resyncing it at fixed intervals? This would not only fix
> >problems caused by (ab)use of operserv raw, but would also fix
> >problems caused in other ways (ive had a couple of desyncs
> >before caused by buggy server software etc) - it could be set
> >from config to say resync once every 24h or once every week or
> >whenever the admin prefers, by simulating a form of "warm
> >reboot" where it could somehow retrieve all network
> >information again from the uplink and redo its lists from
> >scratch, kinda like a rehash.... or maybe do this on /os
> >rehash if a commandline option is given? Just an idea...
> Not if the ircd doesn't support it, and as far
> as I know none does (certainly not Bahamut,
> any version), unless you squit and reconnect.
> And besides, use of the RAW command is not
> recommended for the very reason it can lead
> to desynchs, and IMHO any services should not
> waste time/cpu/memory/whatever to try and
> fix input errors, it should be left to whoever
> inputs the wrong commands to refrain from
> doing so.
> As for buggy server software (are you running
> Unreal? =P), bugs should be fixed on the server's
> side, not on the services' if they do their job.
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