[IRCServices Coding] session limit bug

Gastaman gastaman at azzurra.org
Mon Mar 24 10:28:23 PST 2003

It was 06:14 PM 3/24/2003 +0000 when Craig Edwards came up 
>Is there a way to keep services in sync if its desynced, by 
>resyncing it at fixed intervals? This would not only fix 
>problems caused by (ab)use of operserv raw, but would also fix 
>problems caused in other ways (ive had a couple of desyncs 
>before caused by buggy server software etc) - it could be set 
>from config to say resync once every 24h or once every week or 
>whenever the admin prefers, by simulating a form of "warm 
>reboot" where it could somehow retrieve all network 
>information again from the uplink and redo its lists from 
>scratch, kinda like a rehash.... or maybe do this on /os 
>rehash if a commandline option is given? Just an idea...

Not if the ircd doesn't support it, and as far
as I know none does (certainly not Bahamut,
any version), unless you squit and reconnect.

And besides, use of the RAW command is not
recommended for the very reason it can lead
to desynchs, and IMHO any services should not
waste time/cpu/memory/whatever to try and
fix input errors, it should be left to whoever
inputs the wrong commands to refrain from
doing so.

As for buggy server software (are you running
Unreal? =P), bugs should be fixed on the server's
side, not on the services' if they do their job.