AW: [IRCServices Coding] session limit bug

Andrew Church achurch at
Thu Mar 27 08:51:59 PST 2003

     There seems to be a lot of (mis)information floating around, so let me
clear things up:

     - There is NO WAY to resynchronize a desynched server, Services
included, without disconnecting, throwing away all old information, and
reconnecting.  In the case of Services, that means that logon news messages
get sent again, channel modes get reset, etc.  Whether the program restarts
itself or not is completely irrelevant to this.

     - Services is, on the other hand, already capable of recognizing users
who have identified for their nicknames across a restart (unless you
uncommented NoSplitRecovery in ircservices.conf).

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at

>On Monday 24 March 2003 20:22, Georges Berscheid wrote:
>> Hi,
>> the requested command exists: /os restart
>> How do you think services could possibly make the uplink send all the
>> information again, as if services just joined the network? This
>> 'simulated-net-merge-situation' would have to be supported by the
>> uplink-IRCd.
>I know that this is complicated but if services could squit and reconnect 
>themselves without restarting would be great. This whould prevent all kind of 
>notices they send to users and they will not require users to identify 
>themselves or reset modes to channels etc... 
>This can be almost transparent to the entire network.
>> Georges
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