[IRCServices Coding] feature suggestion...

Craig Edwards brain at brainbox.winbot.co.uk
Sun Apr 27 04:24:37 PDT 2003

We are considering writing a hostserv module that gives a user a vhost when they identify. We were also considering some other things like allowing users to pick their own vhosts on a credits basis, they get X credits a month and each credit allows them to change their vhost, if theyre out of credits they cant change their host, generally to stop people using it to evade bans... This was just an idea that was passed around though, no fixed ideas yet.

If we develop this module before it finds its way into the ircservices distro (if it does) then drop us a line and we may give you our module :-)

>Hello there :),
>I've been using IRCServices in conjunction with UnrealIRCd for over
>3 years now and I'd like to suggest some features to make IRCServices
>even more comfortable and user-friendly than it already is :)...
>Unreal (and perhaps some other ircds) support virtual hosts these
>days. Wouldn't it be a good idea to allow users to store a vhost
>whithin their NickServ-account? So, whenever a user identify's
>himself, his ident and hostname will be changed by services to
>the one previously defined f.e. with 'SET VHOST <user at host>'? (for
>security reasons, changing of the vhost-entry could be restricted
>to Service Admins only). There could also be an option to define
>whether the users host should be changed automatically or not when
>    Of course, there would always be the possibility to enhance
>services by an extra HostServ-module or whatever. But then users
>would have to additionally use a specific HostServ-command to
>change their host to the (self-)defined one. Furthermore, there
>is already the /VHOST command (at least in unreal) - but the
>vhost.conf has to be edited manually by Server Admins. So, you
>(as a user) have to give them a passwd for it - which means,
>you can either define (and remember) just another new one or
>you have to give away your NickServ-pass.
>Sorry, if this feature-request hasn't been mentioned for the
>first time and/or has already been discussed/rejected/planned-
>for-future-versions :)...
>RFC please =)...
>best regards,
>- wahoo -
>B.O.F.H @ cyb.net ;D
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