[IRCServices Coding] Mass memos

Saturn saturn at jetirc.net
Wed Aug 13 13:22:40 PDT 2003

I put in this request before, and have recently been bombarded by users
requesting thjis feature on my network... Many (if not most) other services
that feature a Memo function also have a Mass memo function.

I have worked around this with IRCServices by creating an mIRC bot that
performs a
/nickserv list *
and then sends a memo to everyone inthe results.  Problem is, it sends 2, 3,
4, (even 9 in one case) memos to the same person, because the /ns list *
lists ALL the nicks, and doesn't seem to indicate duplicate, or linked
nicks..... so my poor simple script sends copies to all listed nicks,
resulting in dupes.

Here's the question(s):

Can we reconsider adding a Mass memo function for the next release?

If not, or even if so... one thing puzzles me:  In the /ns list *  command,
the listings have occasional punctuation... a ! or ? in front of the nick.
There is nothing in the docs anywhere that seems to address this, and I'm
curious as to what those mean.... an explanation would be helpful there too.

Additionally, perhaps we can have some way to glag a nick name as
"Linked" -- not necessarily the Primary name, but the linked nicks... liek
another puntuation in the listing that indicates linked names, so I can
script around it, havign it ignore the marked nicks....

Any ideas you all have to share would be of great help.

And yes, I know at least one person out there is going to suggest Logonnews
as an alternative, but frankly, this does not meet our needs.  The news
displays too fast, and has scrolled past before the user even hits the
channels..   I want it as memo, so they can keep them, save them as
reminders, whatever... new memos are more noticeable than a blanket news ...

on that note, a possible suggestion for Logonnews... How about something I
saw on Dalnet once: When new news is added, you get a notice.  Until you
read the news, it keeps bugging you when you log on.  After you read it, it
stops.  Some sort of flag so users know when there IS new news would be
useful... the main reason nobody read the logonnews is that 90% of the time
for them, it is unchanged........

Anyhow, I appreciate your takign the time to read this long request...

I await your replies =)