[IRCServices Coding] Mass memos

M mark at ctcp.net
Wed Aug 13 14:22:30 PDT 2003

Saturn wrote:
> Can we reconsider adding a Mass memo function for the next release?

I do not think services should include spam functionality. Spam is
enough of a problem without adding features to make it easier to annoy

> If not, or even if so... one thing puzzles me:  In the /ns 
> list *  command, the listings have occasional punctuation... 
> a ! or ? in front of the nick. There is nothing in the docs 
> anywhere that seems to address this, and I'm curious as to 
> what those mean.... an explanation would be helpful there too.

Do an info on the nick. It will explain the purpose of the symbol

> Additionally, perhaps we can have some way to glag a nick 
> name as "Linked" -- not necessarily the Primary name, but the 
> linked nicks... liek another puntuation in the listing that 
> indicates linked names, so I can script around it, havign it 
> ignore the marked nicks....

As an SA you can list links for a nick. A user has no need to determine
links of other users. 

> the main reason nobody read the logonnews is that 
> 90% of the time for them, it is unchanged........

That is why it includes a date and you should delete old news to avoid
vast amounts of useless text. I assume you have a website, so you can
use this to display information that you want people to be able to


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