[IRCServices Coding] Mass memos

Saturn saturn at jetirc.net
Wed Aug 13 14:49:02 PDT 2003

M wrote:

Saturn wrote:
>> Can we reconsider adding a Mass memo function for the next release?

>I do not think services should include spam functionality. Spam is
>enough of a problem without adding features to make it easier to annoy

This is not spam, and should probably be only accessible by either Services
Admins or Services OPs.  The intention is to announce outages, important
events, etc

>> If not, or even if so... one thing puzzles me:  In the /ns
>> list *  command, the listings have occasional punctuation...
>> a ! or ? in front of the nick. There is nothing in the docs
>> anywhere that seems to address this, and I'm curious as to
>> what those mean.... an explanation would be helpful there too.

>Do an info on the nick. It will explain the purpose of the symbol

I did come across that after sending the email to the group.  Sadly, it
provides no help whatsoever to the memo question.. but it did shed light on
the question i asked.....

>> Additionally, perhaps we can have some way to glag a nick
>> name as "Linked" -- not necessarily the Primary name, but the
>> linked nicks... liek another puntuation in the listing that
>> indicates linked names, so I can script around it, havign it
>> ignore the marked nicks....

>As an SA you can list links for a nick. A user has no need to determine
>links of other users.

Who decided that? you? Perhaps I would like my users to be able to see the
links for each other...   Either way the command is only useful when you
have a "starting point" - a nick that you want to look up...

>> the main reason nobody read the logonnews is that
>> 90% of the time for them, it is unchanged........

>That is why it includes a date and you should delete old news to avoid
>vast amounts of useless text. I assume you have a website, so you can
>use this to display information that you want people to be able to

Frankly, logonnews is useless, and most of my users and opers agree.  It
scrolls off too fast.  Ideally, it shoudl have a delay to prevent it being
lost in the system notices on connection.  Maybe a 10 second delay beforee
it flashes by, to give the user time to connect, etc, and then they might
actually SEE it.  Most users I know don't tend to make a habit of readin gth
ebacklog in their status windows when they connect to the network......

Anyhow these were just friendly suggestions, tryign to solve a problem I
have.  I don't plan to simply go "OK well, since one or two others out there
think my ideas are dumb for them, obviously I ought to abandon them, because
they MUST be dumb"  That attitude is ignorant, and I think my suggestions
had weight and merit.  Your objections have merit too, but I see you did not
suggest any useful alternatives or workarounds... Thanks for the input!