[IRCServices Coding] Mass memos

Russell Garrett rg at tcslon.com
Wed Aug 13 15:16:55 PDT 2003

>> Frankly, logonnews is useless, and most of my users and opers
>> agree.  It scrolls off too fast.  Ideally, it shoudl have a
>> delay to prevent it being lost in the system notices on
>> connection.  Maybe a 10 second delay beforee it flashes by,
>> to give the user time to connect, etc, and then they might
>> actually SEE it.
> That is hardly a services issue. The IRCd would be the place to add
> false delays into the login process.
> I doubt users would welcome having a connection to the network paused
> for such a reason.

I think he's suggesting introducing a pause before services sends the
notice, so that a user can have all their registration and channel joining
out of the way, so that it appears at the bottom of a window full of
rubbish. Which doesn't sound like such a bad idea.