[IRCServices Coding] encrypt hostnames

Jack Neils waterflamez at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 19 17:16:25 PDT 2003

hi all.

i'm using unrealircd with ircservices 5.0.21, and i already modified the 
code like this:

in modules/nickserv/main.c :

/* Callback for users connecting to the network. */
static int do_user_create(User *user, int ac, char **av)
    send_cmd(s_OperServ, "CHGHOST %s :%s", user->nick, "domain.net");
    send_cmd(s_OperServ, "CHGIDENT %s :%s", user->nick, "user");
    return 0;

good to start with and hide userhosts, but soon i found out 1 big problem:
try banning 1 person from a channel... +b *!user at domain.net ...
ironic, isn't it? you'd be banning everyone at once.
and banning with nick isn't very effective.

so now i was wondering if anyonce could help me use the encrypt function,
which is used on the passwords with nickserv, to encrypt the hostmask.
and, after the hostmask has been encrypted, send that as the new hostmask.

anyone that can help me, please ?


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