[IRCServices Coding] How to get a core..

Diego B. Contezini diego at redesul.net
Thu Sep 18 17:12:05 PDT 2003

Hello, im destruct_, im the administrator of the RedeSul Network.
I'm with 28000 nick registers, sometimes our network get 5500 simultaneous
users, and we are very happy with your services.
Im wanting to help to search and stops bugs on ircservices, but i never get
a core.
I tryed ulimit -c unlimited before run it, but it never drop a core...
Someone have any idea about how i can get it, to debug without need to break
the services while debugging?
Its segfaulting approx. all days, one time for day.. sometimes get 2 days
without to go down.
Im with a redhat 9.

Thanks for all

Diego B. Contezini aka destruct_ | irc.redesul.net
(Sorry for my confuse english.)