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Saturn saturn at jetirc.net
Sun Aug 31 12:29:07 PDT 2003

I think it is... consider an international Network like mine:  every server
is in a different time zone -- How are users supposed to know what time zone
the Services (pickign on Services' clock because Services are whats giving
these notices!) is in??  Sure, they can do the /time command, if they even
know abotu it.  But the vast majority of IRC users are ignorant of those
sorts of commands, or even if they know about /time, they most likely have
no idea they can specify a server with the command.

I realize that programmers for IRC-related software seem always to be of the
universal opinion that ALL irc users should take the time to become elite
experts abotu everything PC, however that is simply NOT reality.  Services
is specificly there to SERVE the users and the ircops.  Its sole function is
to police access and provide information to the users -- what use is it to
say that a certain piece of information is "not useful" or "not needed" when
you can plainly see that it is in this case, given the argument above?

Obviously, it is your project, not mine, and I certainly cannot force you to
do anythign you don't want to do, but I and my staff and users all agree it
would be extremely useful... "Handy" was the word most used.  I've had quite
a few queries about it, and so I'm asking for it.  If you don't feel that
non-techie users deserve any consideration, then ignore the request.  It's
really up to you anyhow....


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>So how do you get the current time from Services then? The actual time that
>SERVICES thinks it is, not the server, and not my local clock...

     If there's any significant difference between your local clock, your
IRC server's clock, and Services' clock, then at least one of them needs to
be fixed.  That's not Services' problem.

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org