[IRCServices Coding] OP/Voice upon identify

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Sun Aug 31 02:58:23 PDT 2003

>> you could always use /cs levels to change the 'auto op' level up.. so that no one is auto-opped..
>> or /cs levels #channels DISABLE autoop
>-ChanServ- Channel #foobar registered under your nickname: l8
>-ChanServ- AUTOOP disabled on channel #foobar.
>--- You have left channel #foobar
>--> You are now talking on #foobar
>--- services.topgamers.net removes channel operator status from l8
>--- services.topgamers.net gives channel operator status to l8

     This is definitely confusing behavior.  Fixed for 5.0.22, thanks for
the report.  Note that you will also want to disable the other AUTOxxx
levels as well if you don't want any automatic modes.

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org