[IRCServices Coding] Which route to take - Module?

Brent DiNicola ircserv at elric.net
Wed Sep 3 20:49:07 PDT 2003

It wasn't an easy subject to sum up in just a few words.

I am wanting to do something to the ircservices code, I want to change
the way the notice() works. I know that modifying the send.c would be
very frowned upon and then I got to thinking and had suggested that I
maybe make a module to keep the information for me. I know it's against
the RFC, but I am pressed against a brick wall here, I have to give the users
an option to use PRIVMSG or NOTICE. Now, to help people move to NOTICE
I would like to give them the option of turning on PRIVMSG but have NOTICE
be the default, that would get the lazy people to use NOTICE. Eventually
getting rid of this problem. In the mean time, I was thinking what is the best
way to go about this without causing trouble for me and anyone else who has
to deal with this code. Is it possible or even suggested to make a module that
would replace the notice() from send.c with it's own, leaving the code in 
alone and not causing troubles down the road. Suggestions were that I make a
module that kept the info for each nick's setting and then if I could override
the notice() and notice_lang() and notice_help() in send.c that would keep 
all the
other code clean and not cause other troubles. I want to know what the best
way to do this would be, I know it's against RFC but I want to move to newer
services than the 1.4.3pre4 that we are using now and add modules so that I
can do things down the line. They are used to having PRIVMSG and I can't just
change it without running people off, so if I can make PRIVMSG an option
then I can't be blamed if they are lazy. Opinions on how to go about this? I
know this topic has been asked before and I know your not going to make it
part of your code, I just wanted to know from the people who know the code
really well what the best route to take would be to do the least amount of
damage. (And if someone has done this.. please let me know what you did,
examples would rock)



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