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engin at piratetv engin at piratetv.net
Sun Sep 21 09:40:15 PDT 2003

Hi All

can anyone help or point me to some good documentation regarding a
version of unreal ircd we are running on a mandrake linux box..im mailing
on behalf of the administrator who usually uses ssh to get into the box 
and make changes so im not super technical myself.the issue is with 
operserv..i cant access any operserv commands from my machine ( which
is on the same local network as the box running the irc server ) always
get operserv - access denied message..so im assuming it doesent
recognise my remote ip address at an administrator..does anyone know
the right sort of commands to use to set my remote machine to be
recognised as admin or can they point me to any good support docs
as i havent been able to find any yet

many thanks
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