[IRCServices Coding] Re: How to get a core..

Diego B. Contezini diego at redesul.net
Thu Sep 18 16:29:40 PDT 2003

Oooopz, im answering my ask...
Looking in FAQ, where i should look before ask (sorry), I seen that you need
to change ./configure to drop a core.
If someone more is needing it, is just configure with:
./configure -dumpcore -cflags -g -defaults

Thanks for all

Diego B. Contezini

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Subject: How to get a core..

> Hello, im destruct_, im the administrator of the RedeSul Network.
> (irc.redesul.net).
> I'm with 28000 nick registers, sometimes our network get 5500 simultaneous
> users, and we are very happy with your services.
> Im wanting to help to search and stops bugs on ircservices, but i never
> a core.
> I tryed ulimit -c unlimited before run it, but it never drop a core...
> Someone have any idea about how i can get it, to debug without need to
> the services while debugging?
> Its segfaulting approx. all days, one time for day.. sometimes get 2 days
> without to go down.
> Im with a redhat 9.
> Thanks for all
> Diego B. Contezini aka destruct_ | irc.redesul.net
> (Sorry for my confuse english.)