[IRCServices Coding] Re: Akill problem in 5.0.22

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Sat Oct 18 01:02:58 PDT 2003


  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org

>Haven't seen a reply to this one, so thought I'd better make sure this went
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>Sent: Friday, October 10, 2003 3:48 PM
>Subject: Akill problem in 5.0.22
>Running 5.0.22 on Unreal 3.1.7b1 (same as 3.1.6 except they fixed that
>duplicate exit system notice that happens in 3.1.6).
>I just today added an akill (+0 time) .. I DO have the immediate auto kill
>option un-commented in the modules.conf, but it still didn't bother scanning
>for victims matching my akill mask nor did it actually KILL anyone... It
>works if they are manually killed and then try to re-connect, but I thought
>that new option was so Services will immediately scan for and kill anyone
>online that matches the mask as soon as the new akill is added...
>First: IS that what it's supposed to do?
>Second: If so, it's not working...
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