[IRCServices Coding] Re: Akill problem in 5.0.22

Robert F Merrill griever at t2n.org
Fri Oct 17 21:20:07 PDT 2003

Saturn wrote:

>Would have been nice if someone had mentioned that (about the
>ImmediatelySendAutokill) from the start.  I would say the flag is misleading
>in title then, because I (and 8 other people on my staff -- none of us are
>dummies, either) read that as meaning it will Immediately send the auto
>kill... "ImmediatelyUpdateServers" might be more fitting from an intuitive
>standpoint, not that I'm suggesting changing the name, but at least the
>documentation of it could be a bit more explicit IMHO.
It DOES immediately send the autokill. You just don't grasp the meaning 
of sending the autokill.
It literally sends an AKILL (or TKL in the case of unreal) message to 
the servers. At least unreal
and bahamut will then scan for matching clients and disconnect them, 
however not all servers
do this.

If you are using unreal and it doesn't disconnect the matching users, 
then it is either a bug in
unreal (not uncommon) or the services really *aren't* sending the tkl 
message (doubt it).

Try adding an akill for a connected client. If the client doesn't die, 
do a /stats g on their server.
You should see a g-line added for them.

Also note that if you have akill exclusions enabled (bad idea most of 
the time), services will NEVER add an akill
or gline on servers that don't support akill or gline exclusions (I 
don't know of any that do), but rather
manually kill everyone that matches as they connect. In this case, you 
should disable akill exclusions and
it should start working.