[IRCServices Coding] Re: Akill problem in 5.0.22

V13 v13 at it.teithe.gr
Sat Oct 18 11:49:18 PDT 2003

On Saturday 18 October 2003 07:20, Robert F Merrill wrote:
> Saturn wrote:
> >Would have been nice if someone had mentioned that (about the
> >ImmediatelySendAutokill) from the start.  I would say the flag is
> > misleading in title then, because I (and 8 other people on my staff --
> > none of us are dummies, either) read that as meaning it will Immediately
> > send the auto kill... "ImmediatelyUpdateServers" might be more fitting
> > from an intuitive standpoint, not that I'm suggesting changing the name,
> > but at least the documentation of it could be a bit more explicit IMHO.
> It DOES immediately send the autokill. You just don't grasp the meaning
> of sending the autokill.
> It literally sends an AKILL (or TKL in the case of unreal) message to
> the servers. At least unreal
> and bahamut will then scan for matching clients and disconnect them,
> however not all servers
> do this.

FYI bahamut doesn't do this. It will only do it whenever a new client that 
matches the akill connects to the server.

i.e. if you set an akill for *.com noone will be disconnected untill a new 
client from *.com gets connected (at that moment, all matching clients will 
be killed). In the mean time, anyone from other domains can connect to the 
server without having any user killed.