[IRCServices Coding] Which route to take - Module?

Craig McLure Craig at chatspike.net
Wed Sep 3 21:18:29 PDT 2003

lol, Our help no good? :P

i still say module with seperate database (with the nickgroup, and if this option is on or off (This saves having to modify the main nick.db) , somehow extending the /ns SET command to include a new option.. and replacing what ever function sends  notices with something that uses an if to query your new database..

Dont ask me for source on this.. i'm just theorising :)

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>It wasn't an easy subject to sum up in just a few words.
>I am wanting to do something to the ircservices code, I want to change
>the way the notice() works. I know that modifying the send.c would be
>very frowned upon and then I got to thinking and had suggested that I
>maybe make a module to keep the information for me. I know it's against
>the RFC, but I am pressed against a brick wall here, I have to give the users
>an option to use PRIVMSG or NOTICE. Now, to help people move to NOTICE
>I would like to give them the option of turning on PRIVMSG but have NOTICE
>be the default, that would get the lazy people to use NOTICE. Eventually
>getting rid of this problem. In the mean time, I was thinking what is the best
>way to go about this without causing trouble for me and anyone else who has
>to deal with this code. Is it possible or even suggested to make a module that
>would replace the notice() from send.c with it's own, leaving the code in 
>alone and not causing troubles down the road. Suggestions were that I make a
>module that kept the info for each nick's setting and then if I could override
>the notice() and notice_lang() and notice_help() in send.c that would keep 
>all the
>other code clean and not cause other troubles. I want to know what the best
>way to do this would be, I know it's against RFC but I want to move to newer
>services than the 1.4.3pre4 that we are using now and add modules so that I
>can do things down the line. They are used to having PRIVMSG and I can't just
>change it without running people off, so if I can make PRIVMSG an option
>then I can't be blamed if they are lazy. Opinions on how to go about this? I
>know this topic has been asked before and I know your not going to make it
>part of your code, I just wanted to know from the people who know the code
>really well what the best route to take would be to do the least amount of
>damage. (And if someone has done this.. please let me know what you did,
>examples would rock)
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