[IRCServices Coding] Which route to take - Module?

Trevor Talbot quension at mac.com
Thu Sep 4 13:54:21 PDT 2003

On Thursday, Sep 4, 2003, at 13:29 US/Pacific, Robert F Merrill wrote:

> Brent DiNicola wrote:
>> It wasn't an easy subject to sum up in just a few words.


> Services is not the place to fix broken clients, and any client which 
> doesn't display notices correctly is broken. If someone wants to see 
> notices differently, they can either a) change their client or in the 
> case of webtv b) change the ircd
> services is the wrong thing to change

And telling someone what they obviously already know is generally not a 
good idea.  Especially when they spent a very long paragraph defending 
their decision in the first place.

This is the coding list, not the feature request list.  He asked for 
code design approaches, not for political insight.

-- Quension