[IRCServices Coding] EOF in backquote substitution error during ./configure

Ballsy ballsy at mystical.net
Mon Nov 17 13:52:17 PST 2003

	Was Arathorn the only one to run across the backquote substitution error 
when configuring 5.0.24 ?  I just patched from 5.0.22 to 5.0.24 and am 
getting the following during ./configure:

Checking sanity of /bin/sh... high.
Searching for a suitable compiler... ./configure: 29: Syntax error: EOF in 
backquote substitution

	I'm not familiar enough with 'patch' to know if it supports 'rollbacks' to 
previous versions (didn't see anyting in the man page), and 5.0.22's .tgz 
isn't on the ftp sites.  Ideas ? (other than patching from 5.0.0 --> 5.0.24)
	As I didn't configure/make/make install after going from 5.0.22 -> 5.0.23, 
I'm not sure which patch was responsible (ie. I did both patches, then ran 
configure after a gmake clean).

gmake 3.80