[IRCServices Coding] Database API?

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Mon Nov 17 11:21:50 PST 2003

Message-ID: <3fb8311e.60353 at achurch.org>

     As the manual says, the details of database modules are still in flux,
and are very likely to change for 5.1, so I've deliberately not documented
them.  You're welcome to read the source for details, but be prepared to
make changes later on if you start implementing now.

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org

>Recently, I have been making modules for services, for use with our network (including HostServ, IdleServ, an 'improved' Statserv and loveserv), However, with each we have been forced to make our own databases, and was wondering if you plan on adding a pr
>oper Database API at some point, which could be used with all 3rd Pary modules? it seems the current one is heavily pointed towards the use of the 'main' services.
>I know you planned on restructuring the databases for version 5, however, as i recall, this didnt get started. Maybe what i'm suggesting was concidered before and dropped.. Anyway, some info on this would be appreciated. Thanks :)
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