[IRCServices Coding] REHASH functionality question

Ballsy ballsy at mystical.net
Wed Nov 19 12:24:53 PST 2003

	Perhaps I don't have a complete understanding of its functionality, so 
correct me if I'm wrong.


	I recently upgraded from 5.0.22 to 5.0.25 (using patches) but after 
starting services again (successfully), I realized I hadn't put the new 
AkillChanExpiry directive into modules.conf.  When I issued a 'msg operserv 
help Akillchan', the help message indicated that if no expiry was 
specified, it would default to "(null)".  I then added the AkillChanExpiry 
to modules.conf (set to 7d) and issued a REHASH via OperServ.  The HELP 
message for Akillchan still indicates an expiry of "(null)", though I 
expected it to say 7d.  I found the following in the log, which didn't 
really provide an answer...

[Nov 19 14:52:07 2003] operserv/main: Ballsy: help akillchan
[Nov 19 14:57:44 2003] operserv/main: Ballsy: rehash
[Nov 19 14:57:44 2003] ircservices.conf:295: Deprecated directive 
' used
[Nov 19 14:57:44 2003] conffile: do_all_directives BUG: don't know how to  copy
type -2 (ExpireTimeout/0)
[Nov 19 14:57:50 2003] operserv/main: Ballsy: help akillchan

	I have since removed the ExpireTimeout, as it has been deprecated since 
around 5.0.19 or so.
	I imagined that modules.conf is reloaded during a REHASH as well, so was 
wondering why the HELP hadn't been updated.  Obviously a pretty small deal, 
but was wondering nonetheless.