[IRCServices Coding] Converting DB from Magick

FreakyComputer freakycomputer at global.co.za
Sat Nov 22 01:04:58 PST 2003


I know this was discussed several years ago, but I couldn't get in touch
with the people who posted then, so I'm going to try and ask this again.

Our network is running Magick-1.4 and, quite frankly, we're getting tired of
it and the "big bosses" FINALLY decided that we can upgrade our services to
something less Jurassic! But, we've got a problem while trying to convert
our databases, it doesn't even go past the nick.db. It just says: 'loading
nick.db' and that's it. I discovered it's stuck in an endless loop just
before "ni = makenick(oldni.nick, &ngi);" after the 3rd nick is gets. (I got
this by adding some fprintf's in and around the code to see where it gets

If someone knows of this problem and also know how to fix it, please reply,
since NOW our "big bosses" are getting restless to upgrade (sometimes one
just doesn't understand them :-/)

Thanks, :D