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Tue Nov 25 18:27:00 PST 2003

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Thank you for contacting the ChatFIRST staff about your problem, someone will soon take care of your message and reply in the order in which it was received, sometimes we get a very high volume of help requests, then your e-mail might take a little bit more time for us to respond, but no need to worry, it will be.

If you are just getting an error message about: Reconnecting too fast" please wait around 50 seconds to connect again to CF then try again, this is normal server self defense against flooders, You should be fine if you wait just 50 seconds before simultaneous attempts to connect.

If you are getting an error message about: Nick Flooding or Join Flooding or even about Notice Flooding Please wait about 4 minutes then try to connect again to CF, This is normal server self defense against flood, Any bans caused by the anti-flood system usually don't last more than 5 minutes, be patient and try reconnecting after waiting for about 4 minutes.

You can also check the ChatFIRST.COM homepage for answers to the most popular asked questions by users like you, Be sure to check the following sites:

For info on and solutions to login problems visit:


For info on how to stop flooders and get rid of trouble makers:


For info regarding a ban that is preventing you from connecting to ChatFIRST.COM servers please visit:


For help related to commands sent to NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ etc:


For WebTV commands visit:
and also:

Again, thank you for contacting us and we hope to be of help to you in the next couple of hours or minutes if possible.
Please hang in there.
Support Team 

PS: Please DO NOT reply to this message, this was an automatic reply, someone will soon respond to the message you sent to us earlier.