[IRCServices Coding] ChanServ suggestion

Craig McLure Craig at chatspike.net
Tue Apr 13 15:53:05 PDT 2004

I have asked about this before, and Andrew responded by saying that this would be relativly redundant. The Access changing is a 'one-off' event, generally an op would be able to perform the mode changes if nessecery.

Dont get me wrong thou, i still think this would be a nice feature. (I may even concider looking into making a module to do this at a later date.)

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>Hey guys...
>Andrew I was wondering if it would be possible to make chanserv
>+v/h/o/a/q/etc a registered nick as soon as they are added to the access
>list, so the user doesn't have to rejoin the channel or re-identify for the
>change to take effect? And then obviously when the nick is removed from the
>channel's access list, the same applies with -v/h/o/a/q/etc...
>Just an idea, probably worth concidering? :)
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