[IRCServices Coding] possible bug in SJOIN when using CSSetChanneltime

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Wed Apr 28 12:34:36 PDT 2004

>	I have noticed that with bahamut, and hybrid as well that services
>doesn't restore mlock'ed modes upon a initial join when using the
>CSSetChanneltime option.

     I can't reproduce this:

#123 *** Notice -- TS for #123 changed from 1083123823 to 979605025
*** Mode change "-sntrlk-o lah Alcan" on channel #123 by
*** Mode change "+o Alcan" on channel #123 by services.localhost.net
*** ChanServ has changed the topic on channel #123 to 123 
*** Mode change "+nstrkl lah 2" on channel #123 by ChanServ

     Services always restores all locked modes after the SJOIN (rather, the
SJOIN is sent before any modes are checked).  I have no idea why ChanServ
would send a +s before the SJOIN, unless you've modified the source.  Can
you send me a debug log from Services startup to the occurrence of the

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org