[IRCServices Coding] possible bug in SJOIN when usingCSSetChanneltime

Jon Christopherson jon at jons.org
Wed Apr 28 07:29:53 PDT 2004

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>>	I have noticed that with bahamut, and hybrid as well that services
>>doesn't restore mlock'ed modes upon a initial join when using the
>>CSSetChanneltime option.

>     I can't reproduce this:

	I apologize, Now that I look back I realize that the test network I
was running that test on was running anope at the time (messing with their
hybrid support to see if I could see anything different in the way their
version acts in regard to the ircd - obviously not correctly eh ;P) 

	That's what I get for posting bug reports in the early AM. 

	Feel free to ignore/delete my bug report as it is suffering from an
Identity crisis ;)

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	Jon Christopherson