[IRCServices Coding] Restricted + Secure --> No Kick List.

Hideo Saitoh hideosaitoh at teamgear.net
Wed Jul 7 07:47:53 PDT 2004

Hi, all.  I am user live in japan.

Please advice me.

in IRCservice Now, I configure like following..

/msg chanserv set #chanA restricted on
/msg chanserv set #chanA secure on

If user join #chanA without "Identify" nickname, they will be Kick !!

I want to stop this kick only.

If user join #chanA without "Identify" nickname, they does not join #chanA.
but I never want to add they in kick list.

Please advice me, How to stop , ircservice write this user into kick list..
Which source code should I correct ?

Please advice me.