[IRCServices Coding] Restricted + Secure --> No Kick List.

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Thu Jul 8 00:45:38 PDT 2004

>/msg chanserv set #chanA restricted on
>/msg chanserv set #chanA secure on
>If user join #chanA without "Identify" nickname, they will be Kick !!

     This is intended behavior.  RESTRICTED prevents any user with zero or
lower access from entering the channel, while SECURE treats any user who
has not identified as having access level zero--therefore the combination
of RESTRICTED and SECURE results in all non-identified users being kicked
and banned from the channel.

>I want to stop this kick only.
>If user join #chanA without "Identify" nickname, they does not join #chanA.
>but I never want to add they in kick list.
>Please advice me, How to stop , ircservice write this user into kick list..
>Which source code should I correct ?

     By "kick list" I assume you mean "ban list".  Bans are added for all
users stopped from entering a channel, whether because of RESTRICTED,
autokicks, or other reasons, to stop the user from repeatedly entering the
channel--particularly in the case of clients which automatically rejoin on
a kick, which would cause an infinite loop without a ban.  For this reason,
I strongly recommend that you do not change this behavior; as an
alternative, you might consider changing the access level of the UNBAN
command to 1 (/msg ChanServ LEVELS #chanA SET UNBAN 1), which would allow
all users normally permitted access to the channel to unban themselves
after being kicked.

     If you do decide to modify the source code, the relevant function is
check_kick() in modules/chanserv/check.c.

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org