[IRCServices Coding] operserv - reverse wildcard lookup?

chime at mail.utexas.edu chime at mail.utexas.edu
Thu Jul 15 10:23:53 PDT 2004

Hi, lowly oper on one of Espernet's servers, here; might make a server of my own
after moving to Japan soon for JET, depending on available connection and
computer parts. New to this list. Anyway, enough for introductions, on to why I

Can operserv be made to (optionally, at each command) perform 'akill view' and
'akill list' commands using the wildcard evaluation in reverse?

What I mean is: I type in "/msg operserv akill list-r malak at" and
operserv tells me "sup. you've got an akill phrased like '*@218.22.*', and
that's what's killing him."

This would alleviate the issue of, upon seeing a user presenting his address and
asking why he's akilled, an oper having to /guess/ what part of the address is
in the set akill. In other words, this:...

[11:53:44] -> *operserv* akill list **
[11:53:45] -OperServ- Current AKILL list:
[11:53:47] -> *operserv* akill list *218.22.22.*
[11:53:48] -OperServ- Current AKILL list:
[11:53:51] -> *operserv* akill list *218.22*
[11:53:52] -OperServ- Current AKILL list:

...wouldn't need to happen.

I don't know how the innards of the coding are set up, but it strikes me as
likely that there's probably a single function somewhere that takes in two
strings and returns a bool based on whether the first string matches the
wildcard structure of the second string. If I'm right about that, then the
whole code for 'akill list' could be duplicated, with the only change (aside
from the name) being reversing the order in which the two strings go into that
function when it's called. (Unless I'm missing something--it admittedly has
been a couple years since I coded.)

I apologize if this idea has been brought up before--I skimmed through the list
of changes to 5.0 on the website and didn't see anything that looked like what
I am thinking.

Thanks for your time,
Rob Hamilton
chime at mail.utexas.edu / chime at esper.net