[IRCServices Coding] operserv - reverse wildcard lookup?

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Fri Jul 16 10:30:39 PDT 2004

     Good idea--I'll see about adding it to 5.1.

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org

>Hi, lowly oper on one of Espernet's servers, here; might make a server of my own
>after moving to Japan soon for JET, depending on available connection and
>computer parts. New to this list. Anyway, enough for introductions, on to why I
>Can operserv be made to (optionally, at each command) perform 'akill view' and
>'akill list' commands using the wildcard evaluation in reverse?
>What I mean is: I type in "/msg operserv akill list-r malak at" and
>operserv tells me "sup. you've got an akill phrased like '*@218.22.*', and
>that's what's killing him."
>This would alleviate the issue of, upon seeing a user presenting his address and
>asking why he's akilled, an oper having to /guess/ what part of the address is
>in the set akill. In other words, this:...
>[11:53:44] -> *operserv* akill list **
>[11:53:45] -OperServ- Current AKILL list:
>[11:53:47] -> *operserv* akill list *218.22.22.*
>[11:53:48] -OperServ- Current AKILL list:
>[11:53:51] -> *operserv* akill list *218.22*
>[11:53:52] -OperServ- Current AKILL list:
>...wouldn't need to happen.
>I don't know how the innards of the coding are set up, but it strikes me as
>likely that there's probably a single function somewhere that takes in two
>strings and returns a bool based on whether the first string matches the
>wildcard structure of the second string. If I'm right about that, then the
>whole code for 'akill list' could be duplicated, with the only change (aside
>from the name) being reversing the order in which the two strings go into that
>function when it's called. (Unless I'm missing something--it admittedly has
>been a couple years since I coded.)
>I apologize if this idea has been brought up before--I skimmed through the list
>of changes to 5.0 on the website and didn't see anything that looked like what
>I am thinking.
>Thanks for your time,
>Rob Hamilton
>chime at mail.utexas.edu / chime at esper.net
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