[IRCServices Coding] 5.0.36 and Unreal

Aragon Gouveia aragon at phat.za.net
Mon Jul 26 04:38:07 PDT 2004

Hrm, sorry to throw the spanner into the works.  What if the Unreal dev team
suggested how this should work?

Are any of the Unreal developers reading this thread?

| By Andrew Church <achurch at achurch.org>
|                                          [ 2004-07-24 15:03 +0200 ]
> >When used with Unreal, ChanServ's DEPROTECT command removes +q from the
> >channel founder.
> >
> >IMHO, this should not be permitted.  (DE)PROTECT should only ever alter a
> >user's +a state.
>      Um, wow.  This was actually implemented by user request back in
> 5.0.30.  I'm not going to make any further changes to this in version 5.0;
> if you don't like it, change the code yourself.
>      Seeing as how there seems to be no real consensus on the "proper" use
> of the channel owner mode, I'm going to remove support for it completely in
> 5.1.
>   --Andrew Church
>     achurch at achurch.org
>     http://achurch.org/