[IRCServices Coding] 5.0.36 and Unreal

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Mon Jul 26 22:21:57 PDT 2004

>Hrm, sorry to throw the spanner into the works.  What if the Unreal dev team
>suggested how this should work?

     Actually, what would be best from my perspective is if someone--or
even better, several someones--made their own hacks to Services on their
own network to do what they thought was the "right thing", and some sort of
consensus arose from there.  (I often look to Services derivatives for
ideas as well; is anyone aware of a Services-like program that does use the
channel owner mode, and if so, how does it use the mode?)

     I think a lot of the problem is that chanowner and protected (+a)
overlap too much--there isn't anything a chanowner can _do_ other than not
get de-ownered(?) by +a users, and maybe set a couple of modes that could
be just as easily handled by SET MLOCK.  At the moment it's just an
extraneous, unnecessary privilege level, and I think that's what's causing
a lot of the confusion.

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org