[IRCServices Coding] 5.0.36 and Unreal

M mark at ctcp.net
Tue Jul 27 14:56:25 PDT 2004

Andrew Church wrote:
> >Hrm, sorry to throw the spanner into the works.  What if the 
> Unreal dev 
> >team suggested how this should work?
>      Actually, what would be best from my perspective is if 
> someone--or even better, several someones--made their own 
> hacks to Services on their own network to do what they 
> thought was the "right thing", and some sort of consensus 
> arose from there.  (I often look to Services derivatives for 
> ideas as well; is anyone aware of a Services-like program 
> that does use the channel owner mode, and if so, how does it 
> use the mode?)

Some time ago members of the Unreal time developed a derivative of
IRCServices called Daylight. This is likely the best package to dertermine
how the Unreal team thought the mode ought to work.