[IRCServices Coding] Past Chat showing method.

Chawmp chawmp at cyberarmy.net
Fri Jul 30 04:38:38 PDT 2004

You could buffer the last x lines spoken in each channel, then send them out
for each JOIN received using something like unreal's m_rawto ... but there
would be inconsistencies with time/datestamps, and people many might have
privacy concerns. Also, services would have to place a client in each
channel this applied to in order for it to receive the messages in the first

Tom McIntyre
chawmp at cyberarmy.net

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> Hi,
> Is this possible ?
> I want to know the showing method automatically
> a past conversation the user who entered the channel lately.
> My UnrealIRC or IRCservice record all log of conversation.
> and show user who entered the channel lately like MOTD.
> Do you know good way ?
> thanks.
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