[IRCServices Coding] Services 5.1a1, aka the Database Eater

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Mon Jan 9 13:00:36 PST 2006

     Services 5.1a1 has been released, and can be downloaded from:

http://www.ircservices.za.net/download/testing/   (Japan)
ftp://ftp.esper.net/ircservices/testing/          (Western USA)

72931718d616e2abee6000bd7f5fec5b  ircservices-5.1a1.tar.gz
0ec44134fd4808601baa4781ba3c2436  ircservices-5.1a1.diff.gz
e3d6e1d89e30b497c92aa44e8455ecb6  ircservices-5.1a1-1.i386.rpm
a95bc2330830639e5001cfab4a44dbba  ircservices_5.1a1-1_i386.deb

The mirrors should have it shortly.

     I've finally finished implementing the new database format, and it's
included in this version as the new database/standard module.  I said it
before, but I'll say it again since it's particularly relevant to this
release:  BACK UP YOUR DATA because alpha versions (particularly this one)
may eat it!

     I've also made the new database module the default in the example
ircservices.conf file, so if you use that as is then your old data won't
get loaded at all.  Instructions for converting from the old database
format to the new one can be found in the "Upgrading" section of the

     (And no, I'm not ignoring mail on this list. (:  I just wanted to get
this done first.)

Changes in version 5.1a1
2006/01/09	Finished implementing the database/standard module, and
		    made it the default in the example configuration file.
2006/01/08	Removed no-longer-needed new_suspendinfo() and
		    free_suspendinfo() functions.
2006/01/08	Moved SuspendInfo structure directly into NickGroupInfo and
		    ChannelInfo structures rather than using pointers.
2006/01/07	Added ACCLEV_MAX and ACCLEV_MIN constants to explicitly
		    define ChanServ access levels, rather than relying on
2006/01/04	Fixed a bug in writing generic database tables.
2006/01/04	Fixed a bug in the Unreal protocol module causing user
		    fakehost masks to get set to the user's mode string.
2005/11/23	Added support for writing generic tables (using the new
		    database format) in the database/version4 module.

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org